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ENTER THE FUTURE - Discover a new way to work out!

DoTheMod is an online workout tool. Modular and customizable, it lets you
play any of our suggested workout videos, and build workouts of your own!




DoTheMod - Our Workouts, Your Way
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Whether your goal is getting in shape, losing weight, or simply looking better
DoTheMod is for you!

DoTheMod Description

Online workout videos are at your fingertips - customize them and make them your own!

DoTheMod is an innovative online workout video tool. Modular tools and a library of short workout videos let you build workout routines quickly and easily. Or if you prefer, play any of our suggested one-click full-length workout routines. Try the the 30 minute workout "Healthy Beginning", or the 30 minute cardio workout plus 8 minute low-impact sculpting "Solid Core", or the advanced 50 minute cardio workout "Summer Body Year Round"!

Our customizable workout videos are designed to fit your fitness goals, your schedule and your style. Workout online anytime and establish a healthy fitness routine. Lose weight, stay in shape, and feel and look great!         

Crank up the volume and hit Play. Your workout will be played on your screen via on demand video technology. Enjoy the original music and video design, and get an awesome workout! The energizing total-body cardio and low impact workouts, designed by an internationally-known group fitness coach, will challenge your body and mind.

Workout at home, on business travel or on vacation!

Workout to lose weight!

Workout to get and stay in shape!

Sculpt your body and look better!

Workout to get ready for the beach!

Workout to get ready for a wedding!

Hec, workout to get ready for a party!


Whatever your goal, whatever your schedule, your DoTheMod custom video workouts are always with you - anywhere, any time, rain or shine -- helping you maintain a healthy and consistent fitness routine.